International Youth Orchestra at Tokyo College of Music

Yearly Schedule 年間スケジュール


IYO at TCM is semester-based beginning in the Fall or in the Spring. The Fall semester runs from September to December and the Spring semester runs from January to beginning of May. There will be at least one final concert per semester.
IYO at TCMは、インターナショナルスクールのスケジュール感に合わせたセメスター制をとります。秋セメスターは9月から12月にかけて、春セメスターは1月から5月初旬にかけて行われ、それぞれ学期末に演奏会を実施します。

Rehearsals - about 10 times per semester - will include sectional lessons and full orchestra for two hours per week.


Tuition 受講料

\70,000 / for each semester - including instruction and facility fees.


Faculty & Staff 指導者・サポートスタッフ

IYO at TCM faculty and staff will be selected by the Conducting Department at Tokyo College of Music. TCM is well known in Japan as a leader in music and education.
Rehearsals will be conducted in both English and Japanese to allow all participants the abililty to understand the finer points in music.

東京音楽大学指揮部会によって選ばれた、すぐれた音楽家とスタッフが、IYO at TCMの指導・運営にあたります。東京音楽大学が誇る音楽科による教育環境で、音楽力・人間力を磨くことができます。
Nobutaka Masui, chief of Conducting Dep.
Toshifumi Tashiro, chief of IYO-TCM
Junichi Hirokami

Director, Assosiate professor
Rick Overton
Coordinator, Special advisor
Hyunah Park
Masaki Asano
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